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How to have snow in October

29 April 2014 257 views
Snow display Courtesy of Snow Business

Snow Window Display

Your Christmas shots need snow right? But your christmas photographer needs to happen in September or October – so what do you do?

Option 1: Fly the entire team to Norway or Switzerland.

Pro’s: Good time, feels great, real snow

Con’s: Cost’s more than you want to spend !!

Option 2: Rent a snow machine

Pro’s: Cheap, available, controllable.

Con’s: You don’t get to go to the Alps

Seriously, we’re blessed with having one of the biggest artificial snow businesses right on our door step in Stroud. SnowBusiness has been making snow both big (and huge!!!) and small for years.

They work with many video and stills workers and have done the snow for blockbuster movies, TV and even the World Record for Artificial Snow in Bond Street.

Renting a small but effective snow machine can cost as little as £150 for a shoot, with enough snow clout to give a reasonable local covering.

Incidentally, they also do a lot of display snows – if you want something for your shop window in Christmas – then they are a good place to look.


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