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Run a competition for the “Face of You”

3 March 2010 166 views


20080219-164257_3877You know, face of Oriel, face of Chanel etc.

Well how about running a local competition to find the local “Face of” for you?

You’d get good press coverage, a good story to tell.

You can invite your customers, makes them feel warm and fuzzy.

You may get a really good representative for you, who does have the look and the personality to really do things for you.

And if you don’t, well you’ve lost nothing, but still got some really good PR on the way and been able to show off your products at the auditions as well!

We have full studio space here to accommodate a full audition.   Waiting area, audition area, studio area for shoots and screen tests, the works. 

We’ve also got plenty of exhibition space, so you can fully layout your products and even sell them on the spot.

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